F.F.F - Fifty Five Faces Published

By MPGames

In RENTAL KILLER, the impostor selection will be random every time the player goes to play again. Therefore, due to all the factors of the game mechanics, it brings a different and well elaborated dynamics for the Player, making him have a new experience every time he plays. RENTAL KILLER uses an Advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) for his NPCs, making the NPC in question whether he is the imposter or not, do different actions during the game, and it is up to the Player to use intelligence and strategy to find out which of the NPCs is the one. imposter and kill the same. "- How do I know which one is the impostor?", Well, it's quite simple! The Impostor is the only one who gets artificial intelligence differentiated from the others, he moves based on the player's constant position, ie .... we can say that the impostor "is the one who would be closest to the player". But with the mechanics of Rental Killer, this makes it much more difficult and fun! | RENTAL KILLER is still under development by MPGames having several constant updates every week.


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como pega as notas?

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quase morri

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